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Add These Comedy Magic Tricks To Your Act, People Will Love You For It!!

When you need material to add to your show, this is the stuff you need!!

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 book test magic trick

Baxt’s BETTER Book Test! Limited Sets Available! ORDER NOW! 


It’s the SUPER EASY TO DO, No Formulas to Memorize, No Pre-Show work, No Fishing, Book Test that uses POPULAR AND RECOGNIZABLE TITLES INCLUDING the TWILIGHT Series, The Hunger Games, HARRY POTTER, & MORE!!! See the unedited performance video at… 

Baxt's Better Newspaper illusion

Baxt’s Better Newspaper Tear 2.0

An Easier & Improved Classic Of Magic! NOW IN 2.0 version!!!

THIS VERSION ONLY AVAILABLE FROM ROBERT!! An improved and perfected, better method, that’s not available from any other dealers! Robert’s used it in his own shows for many, many years and done it in thousands of performances. Sets up quicker and faster with less mess than any other version. Resets even quicker than that so that…

mouthcoil magic tricks

The Mouthcoil DVD

Take Your Mouthcoil To The Next Level!

Robert Baxt, the F.I.S.M. winner for Comedy, releases his world-famous handling of one of his all-time greatest routines. A piece of comedy he’s spent 30 years perfecting: The mouthcoil “do as I do” bit! On this DVD you will find all you need to know to do to get over 6 minutes out of hilarity out of this funtastic… 

Lantern Lie Detector Prop Shown open and closed

Robert Baxt’s “LANTERN LIE DETECTOR 3.0”

The Ultimate Remote Controlled Lie Detector Prop PLUS! Routine

A lie detector is a classic comedy premise that can now be done by anyone, singlehandedly, with a remote controlled lantern that’s EXTRA LOUD for EXTRA LAFFS! Comes with instructions AND a DVD that  has performance footage, clips, &  23 pages of jokes, lines, and tips on a .pdf file on the DVD.

baxt a boy and a bucket

Baxt, A Boy, & A Bucket! A Complete Miser’s Dream Routine!

Super Easy to do, Lots of Laughs

A COMPLETE MISER’S DREAM KIT! Comes with a quality metal bucket, chromed jumbo coin, coin holder, PLUS DVD instructions with ALL THE JOKES, ALL THE GAGS, ALL THE LINES, AND ALL THE BITS, Plus tips and ideas to customize the routine to your style! Everything you need all in one box. Limited Supply Available!     

egg bag magic trick for magicians

Baxt’s Bottle & Bag Baffler! 

The “NO EGG” Egg Bag!

The Egg Bag is a classic but has always used a hard to see egg and a strange suspicious bag. Now made with an authentic internationally recognized “CROWN ROYAL” purple bag and an aspirin bottle instead of an egg for a much more logical and personal routine! BUT THERE’S MORE! A special rattle/no rattle device has been added so the aspirin vanishes and appearances can be seen AND heard! DVD instructions include Robert’s routine that ends with a full sized bottle as a kicker! 

Comedy Tips for Magicians, Vol. 1 DVD

Comedy Tips for Magicians, Vol. 1 DVD


Comedians, Actors, Musicians, Magicians, Ventriloquists, Jugglers, Musicians, Cruise Ship Acts, Corporate Entertainers, Public Speakers, Puppeteers, and anyone who wants to make a living ENTERTAINING will find this an invaluable guide on how to be funny! Plus… 

The Red Bull Trick

The Red Bull Trick. The Better Bandanna/Banana Routine!

Another classic that’s perfect for family & kid shows! 

Corporate crowds adore it! CHILDREN LOVE IT! Puppeteers and Ventriloquists can use it to add more material to their act. 5 minutes of prepackaged comedy and magic where you don’t have to do anything but follow along to the audio instructions! The Better “Bandana/Banana” routine that has no mess or fruit to buy before a show! A short description of the presentation could go here.

Comic Book Prediction

Baxt’s COMICAL Comic Book Prediction!

Perfect for Reading & Library Shows! 

Superheroes are hot! They’re the basis for movies, tv shows, and tons of merchandise! And Robert does it again with the perfect pack small but play a big piece of mind reading where a prediction matches a spectator’s randomly selected, real, superhero comic book! BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE COMIC BOOKS. You get a set of bagged and boarded comic books, PLUS a wonderful holder/display banner!

Money Comedy Routine


5 mins of Comedy Fun that fits in your pocket!

Robert Baxt, F.I.S.M. winner for Comedy, releases his handling of the classic “Cards Across” trick, but with a simple and easy self-working method that uses money for greater audience impact! Who cares deeply about the 3 of Diamonds? Not many at all. But everyone cares about money! See the routine that…

Baxt's Boxes of Cereal

Baxt’s Boxes of Cereal

A great twist on a classic that’s perfect for family and kid shows! 

A concept that makes sense and packs small but plays big for maximum impact! Tons of laughs with a stunning unexpected magical ending! Over 5 minutes of fun! Comedy Mindreading with a stunning climax!

Poster Of Robert Baxt Magician


11 x 17 Poster for your collection!

A brand new poster with the soul of the past! In the style of vintage posters from a hundred years ago, this mashup of the old and the new features Robert in a stunningly detailed print on glossy, 100 pound, extra heavyweight glossy stock to look beautiful on your wall. Printed at 43.18 by 27.94 centimeters (11 by 17 inches)

Magic Show in A Box

Baxt’s Show in A Box! 

A Complete, Easy to Do, Comedy Magic Show from Beginning to End That You Can Perform!!!

All the tricks at once! Everything (and we mean EVERYTHING!) you need to do a complete show from start to finish the way Robert does it! Over 50 minutes of material! You get EVERYTHING you need PLUS! BONUSES you don’t get unless you buy this whole package. AND! IT INCLUDES VARIATIONS FOR BOTH ADULT, FAMILY,  AND KID SHOWS! Open with Baxt’s Newspaper tear, and his MAGICPAD trick, then…

magicians rope routine

Baxt’s “Family” 3 Rope routine DVD with Ropes!

A Memorable & Powerfulful Rope Routine

BAXT’S “Naughty & Nice” 3 Rope DVD with ropes included is Robert’s heartwarming routine for the classic Professor’s Nightmare rope trick that will be a highlight of your show! PLUS! GET his handling for both a corporate audience and for slightly more risque situations. Most importantly, this is the trick that they will remember because…

ring flight magicians trick

Baxt’s Ring Flite Gag 

Looking to add more shtick and comedy to your act?

Do you perform Ring Flite? Then, you’ve gotta have Robert Baxt’s Ring Flite Gag! It’s the Extra bang for your buck! Additional gags, bits, and a stunning magical climax that’s different than the standard ring flite ending. And it’s a method you have absolutely NOT seen before…

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Coaching & Writing from Robert Baxt


             (The difference between off the

                rack and custom tailoring!) 

                    All the items above are available to every performer,     but if you want that extra “magic touch” that separates you from the rest, have Robert write custom material and coach you on your  presentation. It’s the difference that makes you stand out and leads to the big bucks!

Limited Supplies Available, These Items Sometimes Vanish Like “MAGIC”! Order now!


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