It’s Baxt’s Boxes of Cereal!


A great twist on a classic that’s now perfect for family and kid shows! A concept that makes sense and packs small but plays big for maximum impact! Tons of laughs with a stunning unexpected magical ending! Over 5 minutes of fun!

Here’s What Happens:

A spectator is given a choice of a number of boxes of cereals from which he can make a free choice. The magician makes a prediction as to which box will be selected and places it aside to reveal later. The audience clearly sees the box the magician has chosen. Going to extreme lengths to make the trick work, the performer comically forces a prediction on the spectator from another set of cereal boxes. But, when the audience member shows their selection it does NOT match the previously seen prediction! Yet the magician wins when he shows that his prediction has magically changed to the chosen box!

  • Easy To Do And Audiences Love It!

    An extremely easy to do routine so you can really focus on the laughs! Robert has taken the McCombical deck principle and re-worked it to produce a SUPER STRONG routine! Best of all, Robert has eliminated the rough and smooth principle for extra ease of use!

    Supply your own cereal boxes so you can customize it for your audiences and with your favorite, popular, and current cereals. You will also need envelopes to fit the size of the cereal boxes you use. You receive an instructional DVD ONLY with performance and explanations.

    You’re getting a full comedy routine with all sorts of bits and funny lines straight out of Robert’s act!

    As Tony the Tiger says: “The joke possibilities are GREAT!”. Remember, they’re always after Lucky the Leprechaun’s Lucky Charms, and they’ll be after you to perform when you have Baxt’s Boxes of Cereal! Some people are Coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs, you’ll be Coo-coo for Baxt’s Boxes of Cereal! Mikey likes Life cereal, you’ll love Baxt’s Boxes of Cereal!



    Hi Robert, I just wanted to drop you a quick note – I recently purchased your Cell Phone Surprise – and I think it is fantastic! The idea is so topical and the routine is very well thought out – thanks for making such a great effect available.
    -Michael Grandinetti

    Hiya Robert, I got it today, amazing service. Here are my first thoughts… What an awesome concept. I will have a blast with this one. It is going to be hard to not try this at my shows this weekend. I am planning to use it during my summer reading shows, imagine the look on the mommies faces as I take their phone away and kill it. Heck, even better will be the look on the Librarian’s face as her entertainer goes a bit nuts and kills a phone. It will be priceless. This should find a way into my case all the time in one form or another.
    -“Mr.Phil & Co.-Quality Family Entertainment”

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