Be an Instant Performer with a Full-Length Show you can Make Money With!

FISM Winner Robert Baxt gives you an entire show! Straight out his own performance repertoire!

All the tricks at once! Everything (and we mean EVERYTHING!) you need to do a complete show from start to finish the way Robert does it at hundreds of Family shows, Adult shows, and Corporate Events every year! Over 50 minutes of material! You get EVERYTHING you need PLUS! BONUSES you don’t get unless you buy this whole package. INCLUDES VARIATIONS FOR BOTH ADULT AND FAMILY SHOWS! With instructions, tips, and scripting all included on how to do a complete show with Robert’s proven routines!

A full routine full of fun and foolery that will leave your crowds both puzzled and pleased!


  • Tricks included:

    • Baxt’s Better Newspaper tear!

    • His “MagicPad” appearing tablet trick

    • His “Nice Family” rope routine (variations included for Adult, Business, and Family shows!)

    • His World’s Greatest Mouthcoil Routine (For either kids or adults!)

    • Baxt’s “Red Bull With a Twist”. The Best Bandana/Banana routine that never needs any messy fruit that you have to find, clean up, or prepare in advance!

    • Baxt’s COMICAL Comic Book Prediction!

    • Baxt’s Better Book Test: Hunger Games, Twilight Series, or Divergent Series

    • His “LIAR” The Ultimate Comedy Lie Detector Routine with a louder and better gimmick! (Not available anywhere else!)

    • (for Adult Shows) His “FUNNY MONEY” Comedy Routine

    • (Kid and Family Show Variant) Baxt, A Boy, & A Bucket: Robert’s Super Easy to do, Lots of Laughs, Miser’s Dream Routine COMPLETE KIT WITH ALL PROPS!!

    • Baxt’s Bottle & Bag Baffler!: The “NO EGG” Egg Bag!

  • Here’s the cool part:

  • Robert includes a manuscript on how to make these 11 routines work for both Adult, Kids, AND Family audiences!

  • PLUS!!! You also get FOUR more bonuses:

  • 1-Robert’s Penguin Live Lecture filled with these and other tricks and routines not listed here

  • 2-His Comedy Tips for Magicians, Vol. 1 DVD
  • 3-Professional ropes for the Rope Routine
  • 4-A Bonus manuscript of Robert’s Top 7 Tips for Comedy
  • YOU WILL HAVE 50 MINUTES TO AN HOUR OF NEW MATERIAL!  It’s all spelled out in the included detailed manuscript on how to routine these tricks into a show with all the patter, suggestions, hints, pointers, and advice!
  • You’ll have the props, the knowledge, the lines, the tips, the thinking, and bonus tricks to do more than an hour show if you want! AND any tricks or material you already have can be easily added in to make this show even longer!

    You will have everything you need to do a complete act!

    If you book just one or two shows with this marvelous collection of routines and props it’s paid for itself! Every show you book after that is pure profit and gravy for the rest of your life!

    BEST OF ALL: THIS ENTIRE SHOW WILL FIT IN ONE BOX OR SUITCASE! IT PACKS SMALL, BUT PLAYS BIG! You can travel on Cruise Ships and see the world and never have to worry about oversize luggage and expensive cases to ship. You can fly out to do Corporate Events and have this entire show fit in a roll-on bag in the overhead compartment!


    Official Review by Jeff McBride from
    Rating: Four Stars!
    “I’ve known Robert Baxt for over twenty years. I have seen many of his routines, and consider him a naturally funny man. Not everyone is as naturally funny as Robert, but Robert can teach you a routine that will get you laughs if you follow his instructions. Robert takes the humble mouthcoil and builds it into a full-on stage routine that will play for adults and kids shows. This DVD gives you Robert performing this routine in various settings, and at Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle. Robert goes into detail on the preparation and performance of how to take a piece of tissue paper, tear it up, put it in your lips and change it into a thirty-foot rainbow paper streamer.

    Every detail is covered. Robert hands you twenty-five years of bits and business on a tiny silver platter that is this DVD. If you want comedy and laughs, Robert even gives you a little teach-in about LPM (laughs per minute). This alone is worth the price of the DVD.

    The bottom line, if you want five minutes of funny that packs small and plays big, you can learn a lot from Robert.”

    Jeff McBride also had this to say and gave permission to be quoted on it:
    “Robert Baxt’s is the second greatest Miser’s Dream routine in the world… next to mine, of course”

    Famous Comedy Magician Michael Finney said about Robert’s “Nice” Rope Routine:
    “Just watched your Professor’s Nightmare routine. Awesome, great, brilliant. I mean it, the message is spot on. I just want you to know how impressed I was with the message. It’s those things that are so important to me these days. You hit a home run.”

    BUT YOU GET IT ALL FOR ONLY: $719.35 with shipping and handling included inside the United States.

  • Outside the United States: $824.95 with shipping and handling included by Priority Airmail to arrive at Customs within 11 business days. (It’s a lot of heavy stuff that has to be shipped! Individual shipping charges alone for all these items would come to over $239! 🙁 )

  • NOTE: The items will actually be shipped in TWO boxes, just so they’re carefully packed, but you can fit them all in one suitcase or box for performance and travel.
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