The Easiest and Best Way to do the Trick with the Least Set-Up and Preparation! NOW VERSION 2.0! NOT AVAILABLE FROM ANY OTHER DEALER! EVERYONE ELSE IS SELLING THE OLD 1.0 VERSION! 

““I love your newspaper tear so much it hurts! I love it, love it, love it!” Naathan Phan, Masters of Illusion TV Show 

A Powerful Piece Of Visual Magic Ready To Go into YOUR Show!

Yes!, you do rip up a newspaper from the beginning. It’s a classic magic trick, and Robert has perfected a new, better method! Robert’s used it his own shows for many, many years and done it in thousands of performances. He knows this is the best and easiest way of doing the trick! The performer rips a newspaper into tiny little pieces, but instantly flash restores them to their original condition! And the performer can page through the pages before and after if desired! Uses a gimmick that requires no glue, no tape, no adhesives, no wires, no mess, no scissors, no scotch tape, no glue sticks, no fuss, and no muss! No odd tell-tale moves before the restoration! Can be prepared and reset in less than 35 seconds! For the working pro who hates the preparation needed for other methods, but loves the instantaneous restoration. PENN & TELLER DID IT ON “FOOL US”! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


“I’ve been using your newspaper tear for years now. I absolutely love it! I use it in EVERY show I ever do. It’s easily the best in my opinion. Worth every penny!”
-Elliott Hofferth, Washington

$93.70 with FREE shipping and handling included inside the United States, PLUS THREE BONUSES NOT AVAILABLE FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE INCLUDING ONES WITH AQUATIC WATERFOWL IN TUXEDO MASCOTS! 🙂 – Robert will include sample restoration packets marked so you can easily make more AND EXTRA BONUS INSTRUCTIONS THAT INCLUDE HIS YEARS OF IMPROVEMENTS IN THE DECADE AND A HALF SINCE THE TRICK WAS FIRST RELEASED, PLUS The newspaper will come pre-set and ready to do out of the box!!! THIS OFFER NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE FROM ANYONE! ONLY FROM ROBERT WHEN YOU BUY IT HERE! Outside the U.S.: additional $22.95 shipping for Airmail Shipping anywhere in the world!

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