Baxt’s Bottle & Bag Baffler: The ‘No Egg’ Egg Bag!

THERE WERE ONLY TWO PARTS WRONG WITH THE CLASSIC MAGICIANS EGG BAG TRICK: THE EGG AND THE BAG! Now Robert clears up the confusion of what that strange “never before seen EXCEPT in a magician’s act” bag is, by using a recognizable and authentic Crown Royal whiskey purple bag!

Then he goes a step further by eliminating the hard to see egg (or is that a ping pong ball, or a golf ball? After the third row it’s very difficult to tell!) and replacing it with a bottle of aspirin. Now it can be clearly seen AND heard! Yes, that’s right! A whole new element is added to the trick: Sound! The bottle clearly rattles when it’s displayed, but no longer rattles when it disappears! This proves to the audience that when you say it’s gone, IT’S GONE!

Robert has ingeniously added a rattle/no rattle aspirin bottle to the routine and put it all together to create his funny “Field Sobriety Test”. PLUS! FOR FAMILY, HEALTH, AND SCHOOL SHOWS IT CAN BE DONE AS AN IMPORTANT LESSON ON THE DANGERS OF PILLS, INEBRIATION, AND INTOXICATION! Use the same props but emphasize that drinking and drugs (showing the bag and the pill bottle) are bad because they keep you from making good choices. The same routine with “Where is the bottle?” but now an important health message that school officials love! A very visual lesson they will long remember!

Price $49.95 WITH SHIPPING INCLUDED IN THE UNITED STATES! You can’t get it cheaper anywhere else!


“Robert, I own several of your props and once again you don’t disappoint! Absolutely brilliant take on an old classic updated for the modern era!”
-Secretary of the South African Magical Society, Adrian Smith

“Like most magicians, I’ve been doing the ‘Egg Bag’ since I was a beginner. It’s a puzzling and entertaining trick, but one of those things you never see in real life. Especially today; who carries a little square cloth bag? So, after more than a century, someone has created a version that makes sense. And the theme is a natural for whatever type of humor fits your personality. Full Disclosure; I know Mr. Baxt. & I know how funny he is. But don’t take my word for it – the proof is in the video.”
-Comedy Writer for the Tonight Show, Marvin Silbermintz

“You, Robert Baxt, are a creative maniac and I love your wonderful version of a classic egg bag routine updated with a modern theme for lots of fun with corporate banquet crowds! Another winner on your list of oh-so-marvelous creative routines!”
-Corporate Entertainer, Terry DaVolt

“Awesome as always Robert! A very funny twist on the original that also makes a lot of sense!”
-Canadian Magician, Brent Nicholls

“I’m usually all thumbs with this trick, but I got it and I give it thumbs up!”
-Orange County, California Magician, Jeff Abbit “Abbit the Average”

“Great routine my friend…I love the natural props!”
-Texas Magician, Cody Fisher

“This is the most logical and well thought out set-up for an egg bag routine I have ever seen. Bravo!”
-Tim Sonefelt,

Here’s What You Get!

Comes with two gimmicked rattle/no rattle aspirin bottles, the gimmicked hand sewn Crown Royal bag which has an additional gaffe not found in any other type of egg bag, a duplicate non-gimmicked Crown Royal bag, and an instructional DVD that has two different live performances with variations, and step by step video instructions for the routine with tips and advice.


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