AVAILABLE NOW! Comedy Tips for Magicians, Vol. 1 DVD

THE ACCLAIMED FOLLOW UP TO ROBERT’S MISER’S DREAM AND MOUTHCOIL DVD’s Comedians, Actors, Musicians, Magicians, Ventriloquists, Jugglers, Musicians, Cruise Ship Acts, Corporate Entertainers, Public Speakers, Puppeteers, and Anyone who wants to make a living ENTERTAINING will find this an invaluable guide on how to be funny! Robert Baxt has been a working comedy performer since he was a teenager. He has appeared on TV and in films and is the winner of a Comedy Trophy from the European Federation International Society du Magiue (FISM), as well as many other prizes and awards.

You Can Be Funny Too!

The accomplishment that he is most proud of is that he has never had a “real” job in his whole life, but has always made his living from being an entertainer! Now he shares what he knows in an easy to understand primer on comedy that goes into how to make your own personality fit the material you want to do. Both theory and practical examples are gone into, with demonstrations from Robert’s own vast repertoire of material. A light and breezy DVD that makes for entertaining viewing as well as teaching important lessons in comedy and timing.


Timing & pacing
Creating Humor
Developing Material
Things to Avoid
Finding the Funny in You!
And lots more…

Running time 60 minutes

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