Comedy Magic

In 1989, Robert Baxt entered his comedy routine in the International Brotherhood of Magicians annual national competition for best magician. Out of three thousand attendees, Robert was voted the first prize for best magic act, even though his routine was more comedy than magic! The following year, Robert was sent to Madrid, Spain where he upheld his title by winning a comedy prize at the prestigious European Federation International Society dù Magic (F.I.S.M.) convention. This was kind of like going from being Miss America to Miss Universe, and fortunately for Robert there was no bathing suit division!

When it comes to performing comedy magic, Robert has no equal! With his unique sense of humor and spectacular magical ability, your audience will thrill and marvel to the hi-jinks and antics of this gifted performer.

What Could Be More Fun Than This? No one can figure it out! No one is left out of the fun! With Robert Baxt around to see that all are entertained, every event is a success!

How does he do it? Creating wonderment and merriment as he commands the crowds attention he uses his talent and wit to keep the fun and excitement flowing!

Review shows, corporate functions, celebrations, trade shows, industry parties, celebrity roasts, and any occasion where amusement is what you're looking for are the perfect time for Robert's brand of merriment.  When you want that special something, the one magic ingredient is always... ROBERT BAXT!