What's New with Robert! His highlights this month:

May, 2014: Network TV Again! NBC brings back the Variety Show format in Prime-Time as "The Maya Rudolph Show" premieres after the season finale of "The Voice". Maya Rudolph, well known from SNL and the movie "BridesMaids", along with Sean Hayes, Fred Armisen, Chris Parnell, Kristen Bell, and Robert got great reviews and won the time slot in ratings. Let's hope for a quick pick up for a full season of shows!Robert on NBC's "The Maya Rudolph Show"

April, 2014: It's the Easter season! And Robert always remembers that you're no "bunny" until some "bunny" loves you. So in between his busy schedule of holiday shows, Robert wanted to show off his little bunny, his son JayTee Baxt!Robert's Cute Little Bunny!

March, 2014: Ojai, California! Head East to Ventura, then North to the mountains. Ojai is a magnet for artists and musicians, home to famous music and wine festivals, and Robert performed in this beautiful town that was used as the setting for the mythical town of "Shangri-La" in the classic movie, The Last Horizon. The mountains actually make a unique evening glow that locals refer to as "the pink moment".Robert In Ojai, CA

February, 2014: Yosemite, California! Robert returns for his second time to close out the Winter Festival of Magic. Another sold out show at the Groveland Hotel! Robert Performing On Stage at Yosmiite Hotel

January, 2014: Lecture Tour time! Robert gave his world famous (yes, he's done it in many other countries and even on the high seas!) lecture on Comedy for Performers this time throughout Northern California, as he travelled to Rancho Cordova, Oakland, and Sacramento to spread his brand of funny.Robert On Stage Lecturing in Sacramento

December, 2013: Culver City, California awarded Robert their "Best of 2013 Award" in the category of Performing Arts. The award came with a nice plaque and the accolades of the city known as "The Heart of Screenland" for being the home of the original MGM Studios. Robert was recognized for his excellence in the performing arts as a comedian, magician, and actor for his appearances on the hit CBS-TV sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" that is filmed at the nearby FOX Studios. A nice way to end the year for Robert! 2013 Best of Culver City Award

November, 2013: The actual and for true Adventurers Club of Los Angeles, not the phoney baloney one that's a theme park attraction, but the real group of explorers who travel the globe and were founded in 1921 had Robert as their special guest to give his presentation on his journeys around the world doing shows. Yes, Robert while performing has been to the South Pole and yes, that Polar Bear in their private club is stuffed; when it was alive, Robert would NOT be standing so close! Robert was honored by the groups award of a medallion and plaque for his contribution to the society of adventurers.Robert Baxt in his show at the Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA

October, 2013: Halloween, a time of ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night. A time of spirits and magic when Robert gets all mysterious and dresses up to do a special series of Halloween shows with extra elements added to make the blood run cold. Houdini, the worlds' greatest magician died on Halloween and Robert brings back the ghost with the most in his spooky show!

Robert Baxt in his show at the Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA

September, 2013: In Japan again! Shows included performances at the famous Japanese Celebrity Hot Springs Resort in Niigata, Japan where Robert got to put his Japanese language skills to the test with shows both in English and Japanese. Robert can speak many languages... badly! :-) But for a comedy act that's a plus!Robert Baxt in his show at the Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA

August, 2013: On CBS-TV's "How I Met Your Mother" again! Robert is "Bernard" the lawyer partner of actor Jason Segel's character "Marshall" at his law firm. Clip below at http://vimeo.com/65237721

July, 2013: Hollywood's famous MAGIC CASTLE again! Robert appears in a special two man show called "ART FOR ART'S SAKE, BUT MONEY FOR PETE'S SAKE!" starring Mark (Art) Paskell and Robert (Pete) Baxt. The debut of this theatrical show was a huge hit with the club and the addition of the lovely Leilani to the show certainly helped!

Robert Baxt in his show at the Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA

June, 2013: It's Father's Day, and Robert wants to share how proud he is to be a father with his young son JayTee Baxt, pictured here in his matching outfit with Daddy! JayTee, one day many years from now you will read this and know that your Dad loved you from the start. This is not bragging, that's seriously one cute baby!

Robert Baxt and baby JayTee Baxt

May, 2013: Hollywood calls and Robert anwers again! With the opening of the new Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson movie "The Internship", Google headquarters was the hot place to be for the premier party! And partying harder than almost everyone else was Robert inside the super secret campus where Google created the Android operating system. It really is an extremely cool place with incredible perks and design. The movie might not have been so hot, but the party was smokin'!

.Robert Baxt at Google Headquarters

April, 2013: Network television again! The hit CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" features Robert in a billed Co-Starring role as "Bernard" the lawyer partner of Marshall (actor Jason Segel) in half a dozen scenes. Marshall lies to Lily (actress Alyson Hannigan) and a terribly comical chain of events occur! Look for Bernard to be back in a future episode as Marshall returns to his office and finds a few surprises! Here's a clip of just some highlights:

January, 2013: You saw it from the comfort of your couch on a big screen TV, Robert saw it from his perch above the parade route. Click this link: RobertBaxtAtTheRoseParade to see video of Robert hosting the Parade, courtesy of "Party At The Parade" and PartyWorksUSA.

The New RobertBaxt.com!

December, 2012: It's holiday time! And that means that once again Robert is back at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Califonia, the exclusive private club for members and their guests only. In the week before Christmas, Robert delighted crowds night after night with this spectacular illusion you can see below:

November, 2012: In the United Kingdom, Robert is seen again on the British program "The Wizard Product Review", hosted by reviewers Craig Petty and David Penn who give two huge thumbs up for the second time to one of Robert's DVDs. "Baxt, A Boy, & A Bucket", a funny and hilariously entertaining piece of comedy magic with audience participation straight out of Robert's prize winning act. Robert had no idea he was being reviewed and was shocked by the calls and emails from around the world that came in the wake of their rave review. Look for lots more travel to Europe for Robert in the future!

September, 2012: Robert's on the road again! September had him fly to the east coast where in one week he performed at a Corporate Olympics team building event, appeared Off-Broadway at New York City's "Monday Night Magic" Show, was seen at the Friar's Club, lectured on humor and comedy for an industry group, and then travelled to the Philadelphia area for performances at a convention where he was a keynote speaker. It's very exhausting being Robert, but boy do the frequent flyer miles add up!

The New RobertBaxt.com!

August, 2012: Robert's latest gig: Game show Host! At the City National Grove of Anaheim, California, the Anaheim Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau had a Special Sizzling Summer Of the Seventies Series and for the promotional campaign, Robert was chosen to be the game show host for all the festivities at the famous Nederlander concert hall. Tons of major recording artsists have graced this stage and now Robert was recorded live on that same stage in front of a studio audience, keeping the crowds and contestants on their toes. Survey says... the winner is Robert!

The New RobertBaxt.com!

July, 2012: The launch of the all new Robert Baxt Website goes live! If you're reading this, then don't worry, you're looking at the new site as a complete overhaul and redesign has been done to www.robertbaxt.com to handle the increasing traffic. Graphic designers were brought on board to make the presentation and flow of information as visually pleasing as possible, photographers were hired to take new shots to update the photos posted, videos were added to the items in the "Shop" and "youtube" pages, and the results are on your screen right now. More updates and stuff to come in future months, but it's ready for viewing now. Enjoy! (And PLEASE, I only ask that you please do NOT click the big red button on the "Don't Click" page under the "Stuff" menu above).

The New RobertBaxt.com!

June, 2012: You talkin' to me? 'Cause I heard things. Well, who's that in the photo below with Robert? Not who you think it is! Robert does many events with famous celebs, but in this case, this was Las Vegas celebrity impersonator and impressionist Robert Nash who was appearing at a party with Robert. See www.deniroguy.com Robert & Robert Deniro

May, 2012: Robert is David Copperfield's guest for David's show at the MGM Casino Resort in Las Vegas. David has used Robert's help for the lines, jokes, gags, bits, and quips that add to the overall enjoyment of David's show; and David continues to use Robert Baxt material. See the Oprah Winfrey special edition of "Oprah's Next Chapter" where David is the exclusive guest for an in depth look at his career here: www.oprah.com/own-oprahs-next-chapter/oprahs-next-chapter.htmlRobert with David Copperfield at the MGM Casino in Las Vegas

April, 2012: To celebrate April Fool's Day, Robert releases his latest bit of foolishnes! The brand new self-working Comedy routine for all performers: "Baxt's Red Bull WIth a Twist"! See the youtube video of it below and have a good laugh on April Fool's Day!

March, 2012: A very busy month for Robert! Still recuperating from his cruise ship gig performing and lecturing on the Norwegian Carribean "Spirit" in New Orleans, Belize, Honduras, and Acapulco; Robert and some other colorful characters got to be in a Nikon camera print ad. Then Robert completed another week headlining at Hollywood's famous "Magic Castle" nightclub. Whew!

Busy Month in March for Robert

February, 2012: Robert and Vince Van Patten shoot the "The Secret World of Poker". Vincent Van Patten learned to play poker from his father, the famous actor Dick Van Patten ('8 is Enough'). Vincent finished high in the money at the 2010 World Series of Poker, and he was crowned "King of the Hollywood home games" as the host of World Poker Tour for nine seasons. The first four seasons were on Travel Channel; seasons five and six were on the Game Show Network, and the seventh season is on Fox Sports. Now the fun continues with his new TV series showing secret underground Poker games across the country. Robert was featured in an interview at a private high stakes game held in the mansion on the famous Houdini Estate in the Hollywood Hills. Watch for it on Fox Sports!

Robert & VinceVanPatten TV Show

January 28, 2012: See those plates? See that mansion? See Robert in that costume? Then you're seeing what the elite saw at Los Angeles' LAXART Ball of Artists at Beverly Hills' historic Greystone Mansion. Robert was the performance art piece of renowned artist Kathryn Andrews' "Fork Hunt" installation. Click this link: L.A.Times.com/RobertBaxt to read all the details of Robert's night with the stars of the Art world!

Artist's Ball, L.A. & Robert!

January 1st, 2012: For the 10th year in a row, Robert spent New Year's Day emceeing the internationally famous Rose Parade where he broadcasts live from Pasadena at the corner of Colorado Blvd. & Allen for an audience in the tens of thousands! The beautuful floats and wonderful marching bands go by under the stand that Robert shares with musical director Jeffrey Urband. Click this link: RobertBaxtAtTheRoseParade to see video of Robert hosting the Parade from previous years.

Rose Parade & Robert!

December, 2011: It's the Holiday Season! And many corporations, businesses, and companies celebrate with Robert! That's the safety inspector of a construction company being sawed in half using company power tools at a Christmas event and boy was that a happy crowd! Want a great time for your group? Have Robert Baxt entertain at your event!

Company Holiday Parties are a specialty!l

November, 2011: Definition: Crème de la crème (krm d lä krm) noun. 1. Something superlative. 2. People of the highest social level. And the "crème de la crème" of superlative performers for the people of the highest social order has been judged to be Robert by Coast Magazine, a publication for the affluent areas of Orange County and San Diego, California. Robert was featured in an article on his close up magic skills when he strolled through the crowd doing roaming performances at the famous Ritz Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel for the Gala event of the South Coast Repertory Theater's "Black and White" Ball. Need to make a crowd very happy? Get Robert!

Orange Coast Magazone features Robert in an article

October, 2011: Happy Halloween! On tour this month for the Children's Cancer Society of California in partnership with the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Robert starred in a series of shows across the state in different theaters with a troupe of performers organized to help raise money for this very worthy cause. The show included illusionists Garry and Mihaela Carson, clowns, and comedy impersonators.

Robert Ion tour for the Children's Cancer Society

September, 2011: The Magic Castle in Hollywood had Robert host Japan Week at the famed private club. Speaking Japanese is just one of the many languages Robert is fluent in, and he "wowed" the international crowd with his command of the foreign tongue. That's famous Japanese magician Yuji Yamato and Mariko from Nagoya sharing the big stage with Robert along with Magic Jamie and Nana Hitomi from Tokyo.

Robert hosing Japane Week at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA

August, 2011: Busan, Korea is the home of the week long 6th Annual BIMF International Performing Arts Festival, and Robert was flown there to represent the United States with his brand of patented comedy and magic tricks. The four thousand seat theater on the water at the famous Haeundae Beach resort was the site for the televised show that Robert was featured on along with a team of international stars. Robert learned to speak Korean for the event, and the locals were very appreciative! Anyaonghaseyo and komapsumnida to all the new Korean fans of Robert's performing style!

Robert In Busan, Korea at the BIMF International Performing Arts Festival

July, 2011: 2nd T.V. Alert! Robert stars on the Nickelodeon network show "Supah! Ninjas" alongside series star George Takei (famous for his role as Sulu on "Star Trek"). George plays the wise dojo master to three teenage ninjas who both fight crime and have to deal with going to school. In an episode about an evil magician who causes havoc at a "Magic Castle" type of nightclub, Robert played a magician who gave the young teen detectives a valuable clue and helped to consult on the magic tricks used by the actors in the episode. Watch for repeats in the Saturday evening timeslot at 8:30pm.

Robert in the broadcast booth above Colorado Blvd. as the Parade goes by

June, 2011: T.V. Alert! On Father's Day, Robert starred on the FOX Television Network Competition show "30 Seconds to Fame". Doing his famous Comedy Plate Spinning Act, Robert made it past the initial judging and to the finals of the competition, but sadly lost out to a grandmother who whistled into bottles to play music. It was like the old Ed Sullivan Show and that's show business!

Robert in the broadcast booth above Colorado Blvd. as the Parade goes by

May, 2011: The well respected U.K. reviewers Craig Petty and David Penn give two huge thumbs up to Robert Baxt's Mouthcoil routine; a funny and hilariously entertaining piece of funny magic with audience participation straight out of Robert's prize winning comedy act. Robert had no idea he was being reviewed and was shocked by the calls and emails from Britain and Europe that came in the wake of this rave review. Look for more travel to Europe for Robert in the future!

April, 2011: Robert headlines the show at the Ice House in Pasadena! At a show sponsored by "In tha Ruff" records and Crash Radio, Robert closed the show at the top of the bill in the Ice House annex for the premier event in their promotional series.

Robert in the broadcast booth above Colorado Blvd. as the Parade goes by

March, 2011: Bloomingdale's promotes it's new line of Men's Suits with a man in a suit, Robert Baxt! In a chain promotion involving multiple stores, Robert is seen performing in the Men's Department of Bloomie's new Flagship store at the recently opened Santa Monica Place on the Third Street Promenade, in Santa Monica, California. Sales were up as Robert drove traffic to the high end sale items and customers got a treat watching the comedy and magic tricks of Robert in an unexpected place!

Robert in the broadcast booth above Colorado Blvd. as the Parade goes by

February, 2011: Love is in the Air and On the Air! Robert spent Valentine's Week performing not a podcast, but actual old time radio recreations for his union, The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). Robert was cast as the lead in "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" and got to work with a team of actors who also recreated the Jack Benny radio show and "Life of Riley" programs. It was acting at it's best in the "theater of the mind"!

Robert in the broadcast booth above Colorado Blvd. as the Parade goes by

January, 2011: Happy New Year Everyone! Robert spent New Year's morning bundled up from the cold at the famous Rose Parade in Pasadena where he has a recurring gig as an emcee for the Parade at the intersection of Colorado Blvd. and Allen Avenue. Thousands of spectators along the route get to hear Robert do his joke filled commentary with many returning year after year just to be within the sound of Robert's voice.
Robert in the broadcast booth above Colorado Blvd. as the Parade goes by

December, 2010: Robert works the Magic Castle in Hollywood Christmas week! Starring with internationally acclaimed magic legend Jonathan Pendragon and his lovely assistant, the beautiful Liberty Larsen; was a treat for all the holiday revelers who made it into this exclusive nightspots's crowded holiday shows. Robert cracked jokes while women were sawn in half and doves mysteriously appeared. What better way to celebrate the magic of the holidays than with Robert? Merry Christmas!
Robert Baxt onstage at the Magic Castle with Jonathan Pendragon and Liberty Larsen

November, 2010: Robert is flown to Canada! To be precise, it was Vancouver, British Columbia, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, who got to see the comedy and magic of Robert as he performed at the beautiful Sands Hotel and Convention Center in the West End of that picturesque city. Hundreds of convention goers gave Robert a well deserved standing ovation as he emceed the line up of international variety acts who were on the show with him. Expect more trips to the Great White North for Robert as bookers at the show immediately asked him about future dates.
Robert Baxt onstage in Vancouver

October, 2010: Robert is once again featured in a national newspaper! The Los Angeles Times newspaper Calendar Section printed a color photograph of Robert leading the Parade at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval in it's coverage of Halloween events for grown ups. Robert spent the month doing all sorts of Halloween themed events and shows with his patented brand of comedy and magic tricks suitable for "ghouls" and boys of all ages!
Robert Baxt in the Los Angeles TImes newspaper

August, 2010: The Magic Castle in Hollywood welcomed Robert for the third time this year in one of their showrooms. His new mindreading act was received with great applause as he demonstrated his mentalism abilities to the delight of the sophisticated crowds in his premier performance at the Hollywood landmark's new "Peller Theater". "Magic Show: C.S.I.", his spoof of TV shows like "Psych", "The Mentalist", "Medium" & "The Ghost Whisperer" had them rolling in the aisles and then stunned when a murderer was revealed in the audience.
Robert Baxt in German language magazine

July, 2010: With shooting of the big Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, and Chrisoph Waltz movie, "Water for Elephants", based on the #1 bestselling book underway; Robert was paid by the production for some of his skill that was needed for the old time circus scenes that are part of the film. That's Robert lounging around the production facilities with two very tall giants who were also there for the motion picture.
Robert Baxt on the set of "water for Elephants"

June, 2010: Robert is an international literary sensation! The latest issue of the prestigious German language magazine "MAGIE: Die Kunst Des Zauber", featured a two page spread on Robert that contained an interview and biograhy of his career. Robert's deutsch speaking is "schlecht", but the article featured lots of pictures of Robert and made fascinating reading for those who understand German.

May, 2010: New York City! The Big Apple was the place to be as Robert flew in for a series of shows. The famous Public Theater founded by Joeeph Papp had Robert on their show honoring Shari Lewis' father, Abe "Doc" Hurwitz, in a production called "Magic in the Park", where Robert performed with Mallory Lewis, David Copperfiled, and a host of others to honor the NYC legend. And Robert also found the time to perform at the Bleecker Street Theater in their long running show: "Monday Night Magic".
Robert Baxt in New York City

April, 2010: Walking a Hollywood Red Carpet at another Awards show, this time for the Academy of Magical Arts 42nd. Annual Awards Show, hosted by TV maega-star, Neil Patrick Harris, was held at the Avalon Theater at the corner of Hollywood and Vine! That's Robert with his wife, the lovely and beautiful Yumiko! Robert is a very lucky man and he knows it. Oh Yeah!

The Avalon Theater, Hollywood, CA

Robert & his Wife On the Red Carpet

March, 2010: It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice! Robert donated his time to an inner city school, where the kids loved his show. The majority of the students at the Leo Politi Elementary School in downtown Los Angeles had never seen a live show before. It's nice to know in an age when iPhones, Xboxes, and Wii systems are all young children see, that they can still be enthralled by the comedy and magic of a live performance from Robert! Oh, and that's Miss Kerner one of the hardest working teachers in the L.A. Unified School System in the picture with Robert. Support your teachers! They know things!

Robert Baxt with happy students at the inner city public school

February, 2010: Robert worked again at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California where he appeared on the bill with Superstar ventriloquist Ronn Lucas. Please no jokes about Robert being the dummy, but enjoy this months's latest installment of the new video blog feature:

January, 2010: Robert's annual gig as an emcee for the world famous Rose Parade was another spectacular event with over 10,000 people within the sound of his voice from his perch high over Colorado Blvd. at the Judging Stand. And to start the New Year with something new, Robert introduces his new video blog feature:

December, 2009: In preparation for his annual New Year's Day gig as one of the emcees for the internationally broadcast "Rose Parade" from Coloardo Blvd. in Pasadena, California, Robert appeared with the famous Rose Court, the girls who are the Queens of the Rose Parade at a number of events in the Southern California area. The television broadcast was watched by millions on New Year's Day. You got to see it from the comfort of your couch, Robert got to see it from his perch above the parade route. Click this link: RobertBaxtAtTheRoseParade to see video of Robert hosting the Parade from previous years.

Robert Baxt with the Queens of the Rose Parade

November, 2009: Hot young TV star Jessica Lowndes of "90210" on the CW Network knows how to throw herself a birthday party! And she knows that having Robert there makes it great! Held at the rooftop penthouse of the famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, the event featured a "Moulin Rouge" theme and had all the celebrity attendees dressed in masquerade as characters from the famous Baz Luhrmann movie. See the Nov. 23rd issue of "People" magazine for more coverage of the star studded event!

Robert Baxt with Celeb Jessica Lowndes on the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood

October, 2009: The most famous Halloween Carnaval in the world couldn't take place without Robert to entertain! As part of the City of West Hollywood's celebration, over 350,000 thousand people thronged Santa Monica Blvd. and saw Robert perform on the Illusion stage with his "Madcap Master of the Macabre" show. Boo!


September, 2009: Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Then you should keep up with Robert Baxt! He was part of the celebrities to be seen at the gala opening of Kim Kardasian's "Famous Cupcakes" store in Beverly Hills. Not only did Robert entertain the crowd with his comedy and magical hijinks, he also got to sample the cupcakes before the store was open to the public, and unlike a well known Kardashian, he had no problem keeping them down! See the repeats of the E! channel reality show for all the details!

August, 2009: The world's most famous wax museum, Madame Tussaud's, opened it's new flagship location in Hollywood, CA. and Robert was there to be master of ceremonies in front of the famous Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. The opening day festivities included Robert's appearance with famous Hitchcock leading lady Tippi Hendren and Robert recreating the famous shower scene from "Psycho" for international media coverage with a Hitchcock wax figure. To see the news video with Robert and Tippi click here!

July, 2009: Robert worked with the cast of the hit NBC-TV show "Heroes". For the one hundred and twenty five thousand(!) attendees of the famous San Diego Comic-Con convention, "Heroes" re-created the set of the Sullivan Brothers Travelling Carnival to be seen in upcoming fourth season episodes of the show, with Robert as the emcee and Carnival Barker as the new stars of the series were introduced to the fans and media. Starts Mon. Sept. 21. That's new cast member actor Ray Park with Robert. Ray is also famous as "Darth Maul" from "Star Wars-The Phantom Menace" and can be seen starring in the "G.I. Joe" movie this summer.

Robert in the Ballon BoothRobert and actor Ray Park

June, 2009: Universal Studios in Hollywood had Robert perform there for a special "invitation only" event. The industry showcase for bar and bat mitzvahs had Robert as M.C. and host for the show which featured numerous celebrities for the red carpet affair. That's Robert capturing the Johnny Depp look-a-like as they sail the high seas all recreated on a Universal Studios soundstage.

Robert and Johnny Depp

May 2009: World traveler Robert is on the move again! With stops in Bermuda, Portugal, and Germany; as he performs on the high seas as ship's comedian on the Celebrity Cruise lines ultra luxurious ship "The Constellation". And flying back to Los Angeles, Robert is just in time to make his umpteentrh appearance at the world famous private nightclub "The Magic Castle" where he brings his brand of comedy to Memorial Day Week, May 25th to 31st. Contact Robert and ask nicely and maybe he can get you on his V.I.P. guest list to get in!

April 2009: April Fools Day is celebrated with the nationwide release of Robert's new instructional DVD featuring one of his all time classic comedy bits: The World's Funniest Mouthcoil Routine! See the exciting trailer on YouTube by clicking here!


HollywoodSign with Robert

March 2009: Robert donates his time to the embattled Los Angeles Unifed School District when he performs for the Leo Polito Elementary School making lots of inner city kids very, very, happy. Doing good things makes Robert very, very, happy too.

Robert with the kids at the Leo Polito Elementary School

February 2009: Famous Comedian Paul Reiser and Robert worked together. Paul, well known from his long running NBC TV sitcom "Mad About You" where he starred with Helen Hunt, starred wth Robert at a private event for billionaire Peter Lowy. Mr. Lowy runs the Westfield Corporation, owner of major shopping centers throughout the world; so when it's a billionaire's birthday party, you want the best! Then for a different event, Robert was flown to Hawaii where he entertained and emceed at the fabulous J.W. Marriott property, The Ihilani Resort. Tough financial times? It's always a good return on your investment to have Robert Baxt entertain your group!



January 2009: The 120th annual Rose Parade was held in beautiful sunny Pasadena on New Year's Day. Click this link: RobertBaxtAtTheRoseParade to see Robert at work. This was Robert's seventh year emceeing at the event. And in political news, Obama has his inauguration and Robert shows off his Washington connections with former comedian, but now U.S. Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken.

December 2008: The start of the Holiday Season brought Robert to the premiere of the new #1 hit movie, "Four Christmases", starring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. Robert was the host at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles for a publicity event where thousands of shoppers gathered to watch a competition to see who could wrap the best present. The rest of the month found Robert doing corporate holiday parties for major firms. Robert can make your next event a fun time, so call him now to find out how!

November 2008: Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck had Robert perform at a private event for which he closed his flagship restaurant Spago, on Cannon Drive in Beverly Hills. And the Magic Castle in Hollywood welcomed Robert once again for the umpteenth time as he brought his brand of comedy to the big room, The Palace of Mystery, where he hosted the show.

October 2008: Halloween is in the air, and Robert takes his act to a multi-million dollar estate on a hill in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. There at the "Gods and Goddesses" costume party with a Roman theme, Robert entertained in character as a comedian from the ancient world. Et tu brute or should Robert fiddle while Rome burns?


September 2008: Travel to Japan this month as Robert is the featured performer at a convention In Hiroshima, Japan. Robert speaks fairly fluent Japanese and did a 40 minute set for the assembled group at the luxurious Fukuyama Hotel.

Robert in front of a Japanese Shrine

August 2008: Star Dressing Room Number 1 was Robert's at the Corpus Christi Performing Arts Center where he headlined the T.A.O.M. Convention. And in case anyone is paying close attention to this, August was also the month that Robert was married to the lovely Yumiko Homma in a beautiful ceremony in front of 140 of their closest family and friends in Alhambra, California. Sorry, no pictures of the wedding here, Robert's new bride Yumi is the shy type and doesn't want him sharing them with just "anyone" on the web; but on a need to know basis, you can be directed to their wedding website if you ask nicely!

July 2008: Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide, the internet's premiere site for online reviews dedicated to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics; used Robert in character as a model for it's article on breaking iphone contracts. Robert dressed as a shady street character dealing 3 card monte to illustrate Gizmodo's web article on the shady way to get a new iphone. See the web page with the article here.

June 2008: Robert is flown to New York CIty! And the very Stanley Tucci looking man in the photo with Robert is not the famous actor, but his doppelganger, David Engel, the Clown Prince of Magic, who was Robert's opening act.

May 2008: VH-1 airs their new Celebrity Reality TV Show "Celebracadabra" from Hollywood's famed private nightclub The Magic Castle, and Robert stars there this month as the host and Master of Ceremonies in their big showroom, The Palace of Mystery.

April 2008: Among tons of private parties and Corporate events, this month, Robert also found time to star in the 22nd. edition of the"Poof Too" show for a sold out capacity crowd at the Redondo Beach Playhouse. The annual show produced by The Odd Fellows of Redondo Beach is a charity scholarship fundraising event that brings the commnity together to support a good cause.

February 2008: As the writer's strike continued, forcing the end of new TV show episodes; America turns to the internet for entertainment. The web channel www.exscape.tv picks up on the demand for new shows by broadcasting TV shows on your computer screen. Robert's appearance on the Phil Van Tee show almost singlehandedly makes the networks, producers, and writers realize that they better get back to work quick!

January 2008: The famous Rose Parade in Pasadena, California used Robert's talents again as he emceed a portion of the parade route paired with TV personality Paige Hemmis from ABC-TV's hit show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". And then it was off to Las Vegas where Robert appeared on a broadcast of "The Magician's Lecture Network" to show his comedy stylings.

December 2007: The year ended with another TV commercial for Robert when the British band RADIOHEAD used Robert for his expert hand model skills in the series of TV comercials for their new album "In Rainbows". Robert was costumed in all black to highlight his creative finger and hand motions. See the video by clicking below. In January '08, "In Rainbows" went to the top of the charts, making Robert's work even more popular. Radiohead gratefully thanked Robert with a personal note. See both the long and short versions of the television spots below:


November 2007: The Mouse welcomes Robert! Yes, that's right through connections that may or may have included Robert's friend, Disney Legend Wally Boag (mentioned extensively by Steve Martin in his new autobiography "Born Standing Up" as one of Steve's idols and mentors), Robert was allowed to enter the famous, exclusive, and secret private club at Disneyland: "Club 33". Sorry, it's so very secret and exclusive that no pictures are allowed of Robert inside!

October 2007: The Halloween season brought little people in costumes but not what you think! Robert was back in Las Vegas to star in the show "Little Legends" at the Planet Hollywood Casino. The "Entertainment Tonight" TV show broadcast a piece on the show and Robert was seen by millions of people nationwide. Further fame came when the Los Angeles Times nespaper did an article on the show that mentioned Robert in the November 8th edition of its "The Envelope" section.

September 2007: This month was a very busy one for Robert! In the middle of the controversy over Ellen Degeneres giving away the dog she adapted, Robert can be seen in a commercial with Ellen promoting her new Variety show on TBS. Watch for Robert as he plays "Ned" Sullivan, the host of a hokey, old time Variety show who is bumped out of the way by Ellen Degeneres riding a unicycle(!) as she urges viewers to watch her new weekly Variety Show from Ceasar's Place in Las Vegas. Then Robert was flown to the Island of Maui where he wrote jokes, lines, and bits for the review show at the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel, Maui's most Hawaiian Hotel. Plus somewhere in between, Robert was sent to England to emcee and host an International Variety Show. Robert was so jet lagged by the time changes he is sure he called himself from the U.K. and recieved the call in Hawaii before he left!

August 2007: Shows this month included a charity golf tournament in Phoenix, Arizona; an appearance in the San Francsico Bay Area at the California Magic Dinner Theater; Corpus Christi, Texas for a Convention; and Vegas, baby Vegas! Yes, that's right; Robert was the host and Master of Ceremonies for the "Little Legends" show on the Strip at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. Producers have asked Robert back for more dates in October. More info on the show is available at the box office (800) 851- 1703.

July 2007: For a series of TV commercials airing now in select states, the Red Diamond Coffee and Tea Company used Robert to be their Creative Consultant. He worked with the production company and advertising agency to make their spokesman look like he was doing real magic! Using no camera tricks, edits, or Computer Generated Images, Robert designed, had built, and taught the actor to do the tricks at a cost that was far less than the price of standard CGI special effects. Plus, Robert worked with the director to ensure his vision and supervised on set during the filming. P.S. That's the art director in the center picture below who doesn't look happy to have to reset a prop again! Click here to see the commercials.

June, 2007: The film "Even Money" opens in theaters nation wide. Robert worked with Danny DeVito and Kim Basinger on the set of this movie. Ray Liotta, Tim Roth, and Forest Whitaker, are the other stars of this gritty crime drama that has Danny DeVito playing a down on his luck con man, gambler, and magician who has Kim Basinger as his beautiful assistant. Robert gets an on screen technical credit for his extensive training sessions to teach Danny the moves and patter necessary for his character. The full length theatrical film is produced by Bob Yari Productions who also did the films "Sideways", "Crash", and "The Ilusionist". It is also the film Oscar winner Forest Whitaker did just before his academy award winning turn in "King Of Scotland". Entertainment Weekly magazine said the fim was "the sawdusty romanticism of old-time magicians".

May 2007: For a television show pilot, Robert was asked to perform one of his rarely seen feats: The street levitation. With camera crews on hand to record the event, Robert casually strolled through downtown Los Angeles and demonstrated this incredible illusion for the viewing audience. Click here to see the amazing video!

April 8th , 2007: The annual Beverly Hills Awards Gala held by the Academy of Magical Arts (the parent organization of "The Magic Castle") is the industry's equivalent of the Oscar ceremonies. This black tie event featured celebrity presenters including Steve Martin, Jason Alexander, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and dozens of other TV and film stars. Robert was on hand sitting next to his friend legendary comedian Carl Ballantine who was honored with a lifetime achievement award from the Academy. The event was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and taped for broadcast in Japan.

March, 2007: Robert is flown to England to share his comedy skills while being the host and Master of Ceremonies for the Gala Final Night Show of the 4th Annual International Performing Arts Festival in NewCastle, South Tyneside. The five day event featured variety artists from around the globe and led to offers for Robert to appear at similar festivals in Dublin and other parts of the U.K.

January, 2007: The famous "Rose Bowl Parade" down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California used Robert for a fifth year as parade commentator. The televised event had Robert at the far end of the parade route working for group sponsors who took out a private grandstand for a block long stretch so their guests could sit in covered comfort with heaters to protect them from the morning chill. Robert's position on the judging platform got him an intimate moment with Parade Grand Marshall George Lucas when Robert announced to the crowd how much he enjoyed George's underated 1986 film "Howard the Duck". Mr. Lucas appreciated Robert's comments and an invite to visit Industrial Light and Magic followed!

December, 2006: The season is upon us! And with it comes every company party and corporate event that wants Robert to entertain it's guests. Robert's shows this month include entertaining for law firms, doctors, film companies, car dealerships, Japanese groups, musicians, soccer players, country clubs, real estate firms, antique dealers, Fortune 500 financiers, and his appearance below on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California where he met with a certain Mr. S. Claus; a world renowned toy manufacturer and supplier. Happy Holidays to all from Robert!

November, 2006: Working on new material and TV projects for Lambchop, the legendary puppet made famous by Shari Lewis with her daughter Mallory Lewis. Mallory is an Emmy award winning television producer and uses Robert's jokes and lines in her performances and to extend the Lambchop brand to a whole new generation!

November 3, 2006: With the opening of the newly restored and enlarged Griffith Observatory after a four-year renovation and expansion project, this beloved icon of the city of Los Angeles located high atop Mount Hollywood is reopened to the public to great fanfare. Robert is among the celebrities who get to see the expanded space, new planetarium show, and explore the exhibits during the opening week festivities. Robert is not only a favorite all over planet Earth, he uses their mighty Zeiss telescope to search space for new planets and civilizations he can entertain!

Halloween, 2006: Appearing as the "Madcap Master of the Macabre", Robert does his comedy material at a special event for real estate developers and their guests in Mahanttan Beach, California. With the tearing down of the famous old restauraunt there, "Good Stuff" to make way for a new shopping and condominimum development; the last act before the bull dozer and wrecking ball was a special creepy Halloween party where the gutted structure was turned into a haunted house for hundreds of revelers. Demolition began as the last of the partygoers left the structure in the wee hours of the morning to end the party with a bang and as a fitting farewell to the well loved site.

October 26, 2006: Robert takes a meeting on the Disney Studios lot in Burbank. This is not the theme park, but the site of the original studios where Walt Disney himself had his office for many years and planned his movies, tv shows, and theme parks. While there, Robert is invited to tour the facility and gets to pose with some of the statues that tourists don't normally get to see!

October 16 to 23, 2006: AGAIN WITH THE MAGIC CASTLE? HE WAS JUST THERE! Here's a funny story: A month ago while performing in the big room at the Magic Castle as the host and Master of Ceremonies for the show, a performer in one of the other rooms failed to show up in time for his scheduled performance. A frantic call went out for someone, anyone, available to do a show immediately! Robert volunteered but was told this crowd had already seen him work earlier. Robert replied that he had a totally different set of material that this crowd hadn't seen him do. The booker was amazed that Robert had so much material and put him to work in the Parlor with all due haste where he did a another great (and different!) show for the audience. So this week Robert was hired to work the Parlor. Who knew Robert was so funny AND had an impressive amount of jokes, comedy, stunts, and tricks he could do!?

October 15, 2006: Robert is among the celebrities invited to the annual "Day of the Child" event in Los Angeles sponsored by the United Nations. After braving the red carpet with other celebs like David Carradine, Coolio, DJ Spinderella, and Orlando Bloom, Robert gets to touch an elephant and then take a ride in a humvee with a young fan who wants to be in the military. The crowd of over a thousand foster children and their mentors spent the day riding rides, being entertained, and eating carnival food. (And Robert has now learned the hard way to be very careful of going on any rides with children who have eaten waaay too much cotton candy and hot dogs!)

October 1st, 2006: ABC-TV's "Good Morning America" comes to the 4th Annual Escape Artist's Convention in Ontario California where Robert performs for the 2nd year in a row at this three day national event, emceeing the public shows that included television star Criss Angel. Plus, Robert is on hand for both the "Good Morning America" and evening news reports on two other networks when the TV crews come to cover the Guiness Book of World Records challenge where 80 Escape Artists got out of straitjackets at the same time. Robert's brother warned him to be careful there. He said: "Don't get yourself into anything you can't get out of!" And while it becomes obvious that Robert is the funnier one of the Baxt siblings; Robert says he only does it for the beautiful female escape artist groupies!

September, 2006: Robert is flown to Atlanta to do comedy after the evening banquet and speeches are given at a corporate business conference. Sticking around an extra day, he sightsees and gets to visit the birthplace of two of Atlanta's most famous treasures known world wide: Coca-Cola and Ted Turner's CNN Network!

August, 2006: Robert returns with his patented brand of comedy to the famous exclusive private nightclub in the Hollywood Hills, "The Magic Castle"; where sometime during his week he will pass the 500 mark for number of times he has performed there! (Hey, they do almost 20 shows a week, and Robert has been working there for over a decade!)


July, 2006: The gated community of Turtle Ridge in the hills of Orange County, California couldn't have it's 4th of July celebration without Robert! While this photo was taken outside, Robert's performance to overflow crowds took place in air conditioned comfort in the luxurious theater in the sprawling community center of this planned community. Multiple shows with Robert are already planned for next years festivities to accomodate all those who couldn't get in to see his single show!

June, 2006: The launch of the all new Robert Baxt Website goes live! If you're reading this, then don't worry, you're looking at the new site as a complete overhaul and redesign has been done to www.robertbaxt.com to handle the increasing traffic. Graphic designers were brought on board to make the presentation and flow of information as visually pleasing as possible, photographers were hired to take new shots to update the photos posted, videos were added to the items in the "Shop", and the results are on your computer screen right now. More updates and stuff to come in future months, but it's ready for viewing now. Enjoy! (And I only ask that you please do not click the big red button on the "Don't Click" page under the "Stuff" menu).

May, 2006: Robert gets flown to Puerto Rico for a sales conference at the fabulous Westin Rio Del Mar resort where he performs for a packed crowd of over 500 insurance executives. President and CEO Jay Wintrob of AIG Retirement Services, Inc. had Robert put some pep into the crowd for an early morning meeting. Oh, and of course it was a private jet that Robert travelled on in style!

April 2006: With the DVD release of the fourth film in the franchise, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", a Warner Brothers executive has a special "Harry Potter" themed party. Robert is given official license to perform his comedy at the event as 'Professor Baxt' a wizard character from the American School of Wizarding; not "Hogwarts" but "Warthogs"!


March, 2006: Robert is cast as a recurring character in the pilot of "The Jeff Garlin Show", a sitcom shot at Paramount Studios in Hollywood for the TBS network. Besides star Jeff Garlin from HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" with Larry David, other cast members included Phil Rosenthal who's better known as the creator and producer of "Everybody Loves Raymond", and Super Dave Osborne; plus special guest star Wayne Newton. Who's that in the other photo? Another co-star: Dan Caslellenata (better known for his voice over work as the animated Homer Simpson on FOX-TV's "The Simpsons").

February, 2006: The hit CBS-TV Friday night drama "The Ghost Whisperer" hires Robert as their technichal advisor to work with star Jennifer Love Hewitt for a special episode featuring dead magicians at a circus who come back to haunt the living. Robert's expertise in circus arts and magic had him on set coaching the actors for their parts.

January 31st, 2006: Robert performs his comedy after dinner at a corporate event at Universal Studios in Hollywood where he had all of Spartacus Square as his venue when a special stage was erected for the thousand guests attending a special Roman themed party on the back lot. Robert came, he saw, and he conquered!


January 2nd, 2006: For the fourth time, Robert was an emcee for the famous "Rose Bowl Parade" down Colorado Boulevard in sunny Pasadena, California. The televised event had Robert at the far end of the parade route working for the PartyWorks USA Group that took out a private grandstand for a block long stretch so their guests could sit in covered comfort with heaters to protect them from the morning chill. Robert enjoyed the warmth!

End of December 2005: Robert took to the seas! Appearing on the Celebrity Cruise Lines ship "The Summit" for their holiday cruises to Hawaii. As ship's comedian Robert had plenty of funny jokes and lines for all the passengers in their 1,100 seat theater.

December 6th, 2005: Robert is the host and Master of Ceremonies for a special tribute in Las Vegas to legendary character actor and comedy magician Carl Ballantine. Famous for his many appearances on the old "Ed Sullivan Show", plus his years starring on the sitcom "McHale's Navy" with Ernest Borgnine, and his many TV and movie appearances including co-starring with Elvis Presley and Nancy Sinatra in the MGM film "Speedway"; Carl is honored at Ceasar's Palace by the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Robert is asked to play Billy Crystal for this night of celebrities honoring Carl. Steve Martin, Carl Reiner, Shirley Jones, Robin Leach, Penn and Teller, and Dick Van Patten are among the celebrities seen that night with Robert.

October 2005: MySpace.com has a special Halloween Night event at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and Robert is hired to play host to a Carnival of Sideshow Freaks, emceeing and introducing the acts in between the rock bands and other artists including TV's Criss Angel. That's Robert in black at the front left of the troupe. In the other photo, Robert is not short, but the bald man standing next to him is over 7 feet tall! He's George the Giant, who was seen in the Tim Burton film "Big Fish" with Danny DeVito and Ewan McGregor.

July, 2005: Universal Studios in Hollywood is the shooting location for the film "Le Petomane: Parti Avec Le Vent" a comedy short in which Robert is second billed on the Internet Movie Database at www.imdb.com/title/tt0462471/ Robert speaks French and English with a French accent in this historical comedy-drama where he is featured as one of the acts who appeared in French cabaret shows at the turn of the century with the infamous performer "Le Petomane". The film can be seen in numerous film festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe, and is up for Oscar nomination in the "Shorts" category. It was directed by Steve Ochs, the man Robert is seen threatening with a knife in the right photo below in order to get a part in his next film. :-)