To take any group from zero to 60 in under 5 minutes, get Robert to speak! He is visual, dynamic, and always entertaining! Your audience will love him and you will look like a hero for getting him!

Robert is a motivational speaker who can get your people pumped up! He has a number of different presentations that are perfect for any business group:

•His "TEAMWORK" speech uses incredibly funny sight gags and audience participation to visually demonstrate how working together makes everyones job easier and better!

•His speech on the cautions needed in dealing with the International Economy "THE MAN WITH THE GLOBAL MIND" comes from his vast experience with international markets. After travelling around the world for over 20 years and being on his sixth passport, Robert wound up married to a Japanese girl and spent extensive time in Asian countries. Learning to deal with the global economy and the tricks and techniques for dealing with foreign cultures is the focus of this highly entertaining talk. Drawing on his own experiences in being a New York City boy, but being able to speak many languages and conducting business with foreign cultures around the world has led Robert to develop insights into the international market that he shares in an amusing and motivating presentation

•His motivational speech "THE CHANGE" mines his own personal experience in triumphing over the odds to lose over 100, 125, 150, 175, 185, over 190! pounds in weight solely through diet and exercise; and in giving up a career as an attorney to be a performer, his "YOU CAN DO IT" attitude will inspire and entertain.

•"HUMOR IN THE WORKPLACE" is another of the great presentations Robert gives to corporations. He shows how the proper use of a sense of humor makes the job more enjoyable and reduces stress for all involved. Psychotherapists have shown how a funny bone can help relieve problems and tension, and now Robert demonstrates with hilarious examples! A sure fire crowd pleaser!

•"THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX" is a speech for all those who've gotten stuck in a rut and need a jumpstart to get their creative juices going and to avoid making the same assumptions as the other guys. Robert stresses the importance of how always having a backup plan and of never giving up when a solution to any difficulty can be reached with just a little more brainwork. Highly entertaining and visual for any group.

Custom speeches are also available for your industry, event, or group when you have that master communicator… ROBERT BAXT!


Robert On Stage doing his speech: The Change
The pictures above and below are approximately eight years apart. That's the same person standing next to Robert in both photos below. IT CAN BE DONE!