The Plate Spinning Circus Act!

The classic plate spinning act is just like something you might have seen on TV on the old "Ed Sullivan Show"! Robert was taught how to spin plates when he was a kid by veteran performer Al Flosso who had been on the Ed Sullivan show many times. Robert has the long table with the sticks and does the act of running back and forth frantically trying to keep the plates all going at once. A true crowd pleaser!

The act can be customized for different groups, industries, and themes. Special plates can be used and the plates can represent different sales points, targets, motivations, or teamwork goals. It can be "Smashing the sales targets", "Keeping several projects going at the same time", "Different departments working together", etc. Plates never breaking are also an option if that's what you want!

And of course if there's any special executive or V.I.P. around, they can be worked into the act to make for the highlight of any show!

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