Picture Puzzle

Want to feel like you were two again? Have you ever felt beside yourself? Wondered what it was like to have a 'split' personality? Ever wished to be 'separated' from your spouse? Well don't volunteer for this trick, but there are nine subtle differences between these two photos. See if you can spot them all. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the answers.

Picture Puzzle Differences between the top and bottom photos:

  1. The sign above Robert now says "Comedy and Comedy"
  2. There are now three handles on the gray trunk on the far right side of the photo
  3. Baxt's Psychic power is now "Psycho" on the upper right wall
  4. The Fire Extinguisher on the left is reversed
  5. 415 on the black wall plaque has shrunk to 45
  6. Look very closely, Robert's law school ring on his right hand has multiplied to two
  7. The curlicues on the front of the sawing in half box have gotten longer
  8. The border around the frame of the "Comedy Cave" sign is gone
  9. You light up my life and the bulb on the left by visiting the Robert Baxt website! :-)