GET YOUR EVENT OFF TO A GREAT START! Introduced as an expert on team building, Robert visually demonstrates how all the different departments have to work together. With the mention of each part of your organization (sales, management, customer service, I.T., human resources, accounting, research and development, etc., completely customizable to your organization), Robert spins plates on sticks keeping all these different entities in motion as he runs back and forth to build to a furious climax as all the plates/departments are up and working together in tandem! Or introduced as a teamwork "coach", Robert comes out in a full baseball uniform to test the teamwork abilities of an unsuspecting volunteer from the audience to hilarious results! Your event will get off to a rousing start as Robert tickles their funny bones and more importantly, puts forward never to be forgotten valuable lessons for the benefit of your business. These routines can be customized for a number of different messages. Ask how yours can be tailored to fit the point you want to get across!