Robert has powers far beyond those of ordinary people. For any event or occasion where you want to add that "magic' touch, Robert does incredible and jaw dropping mindreading and mentalism magic tricks. Sophisticated stunts and experiments that demontrate E.S.P., psychic powers, and even the possibility of communicating with ghosts. Predictions are made that come true. Things that Robert could not possibly know, he knows! Spooky and spine tingling feelings go through your guests as it is made abundantly clear that thoughts are not private and the future can be foretold. Two styles of performance available:

•Strolling through a crowd: Miracles happen right in people's hands! Mysterious mindreading occurs as Robert tells guests their hidden thoughts! Predictions come true and fortunes are foretold. It's that "something extra" that's guaranteed to make your event great. Perfect for any situation where guests are dining, or during cocktail parties as an icebreaker.

•A mindreading demonstration and show: Your guests sit focused on Robert's presentation, as the only activity going on is Robert's incredible demonstration of his abilities using voulunteers from the audience. From a pile of assorted books, any word on any page is chosen, but Robert reveals he knew the word before it was even picked! A pretend murder is acted out and Robert shows how he psychically predicted the murderer in your audience in advance. Volunteers from your guests have a fair chance of winning a $100 bill as Robert using his incredible powers to manipulate their choices so that he makes sure the money is selected by who he wants. These and many other routines make for a stand out presentation that will create excitement and entertainment.

Praise for his mindreading shows:

"AMAZING MINDREADING! Robert is amazing all around! He was so personable and friendly over the phone, I knew right away he would be the perfect fit to perform at my husband's 30th birthday party. He was so on top of everything that I wanted and needed. He came early, and stayed late at our event, and gave us an amazing show! He did tricks that the guests were still trying to figure out long after he left! He was also SO funny! I could not stop laughing during his whole routine! If you want a very talented mentalist, with a great personality, you need to hire Robert Baxt for your next show!!" -Reviewer: Courtney R.

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